The Department of Education reported:

  • 22% of high school students do not graduate on time.
  • 45% of employers hiring high school graduates report that they do not have basic skills necessary for employment.
  • 53% of high school graduates do not qualify for in-state universities.
  • 59% of high school graduates have to take remedial classes in community college to get into in-state colleges.


Are you looking for an environment that embodies all of your family needs?  Do you want an environment that individualizes your child's academic, social, and developmental needs?

We build community and support the family and student in every step of their academic journey. 

We are here for you!


Are you looking for a program that aligns with your core values? Desert Heights has built a sustainable program using our three pillars; Academic Excellence, Integrity of Character, and Social Awareness and we strive to develop well rounded students.

In our community, everything that we do aligns with our three pillars because we believe that defining the behavioral expectations for students is important. 


We believe in creating opportunities that will inspire lifelong learners while challenging each of our students academically.

We support them in every step of their acadmic and social journey while building solid connections and lifelong relationships. 

We are a family and community!

Three Pillars

Academic Excellence 

Integrity Of Character