College Activities

We offer a variety of opportunities for all students to prepare for college exams by utilizing applications, college preparation toolkits, practice tests and more. Additionally, 11th grade students take an ACT Prep course that provides a variety of strategies on how to prepare for the ACT test. Juniors also take the PreACT test in the fall and the ACT test in the spring. In order for us to evaluate and support the students, the PreACT results are analyzed and used in the ACT Prep course to better prepare the students for the ACT.

ACT Aspire

The ACT Aspire, available for 5th-10th grade students, is intended to provide students with a testing atmosphere that prepares them for the longevity and knowledge needed to be successful when taking the ACT test as a Junior.  We’ve learned that this test prep activity is an efficient and cost effective way for students to boost their confidence, while also exposing them to the concepts that allow them to improve ACT scores.

Practice SAT (“PSAT”) and Practice ACT (“PACT”) Tests

During their freshman and sophomore years, students are highly encouraged to complete the PSAT and PACT to have an understanding of both tests and to measure readiness for each.


The ACT and SAT tests are college admissions tests that measure what students have learned in high school to determine academic readiness for college. Additionally, these test scores are evaluated when colleges issue merit based scholarships. Through our advisory program and graduation requirements, all high school students are exposed to the importance of each exam and are provided with study resources. Click below for testing dates and locations.  Also, see the “College Prep Resources” section below for additional study tips and tools.

College Placement Exams

When students receive their college acceptances, advisers continue to provide support by guiding students through required placement tests, FAFSA applications and more.

Other College Coursework/Credit Opportunities

As a college preparatory program, we are continually looking for student opportunities to earn college credit and participate in rigorous coursework.  Students interested in any of the following options should communicate with their adviser for additional details.

Achieving College Education (“ACE”) is a nationally recognized program that targets students that may not consider going to college and attaining a baccalaureate degree to be an achievable goal. Starting with their sophomore year, our advisory team works to identify qualified students and facilitates the process into the ACE program.

The HOOP of Learning program is committed to helping Native American students stay in school and pursue a college degree through the Maricopa County Community Colleges. Starting with their sophomore year, our advisory team works to identify qualified students and facilitates the process into the HOOP of Learning program.

High School Advisers generate continual communication throughout the year regarding summer courses offered through Maricopa County Community Colleges, along with other local colleges.