Parent University

Parent University is a series of videos created by Desert Heights educators with the goal of helping families develop the knowledge and skills to be proactive in their child's learning and development. Parent University is a Kindergarten-8th grade initiative, when students reach High School they become the facilitators in sharing what they are learning with you at events called STEAM Nights. Be on the lookout for the schedule for STEAM Nights. You won’t want to miss out!

Each grade level has chosen a topic or skill that is extremely important to your child’s overall academic success. They have created videos demonstrating how to teach these skills so that you as parents can practice them at home the way we practice in class. All parents will have access to the videos from each grade level below, therefore, if your child needs support in any of the other skills, you will be able to access those as well.

Why be involved? Research shows that family engagement is one of the most powerful predictors of children’s development, educational attainment, and success in school and life. Families who are engaged in their children’s learning have the opportunity to strengthen home-school partnerships to support the whole child.

ParentVUE-Course Content

Learn about Course Content and see your child's progress through their classes!

Reading Strategies

Learn strategies to help your child learn to read and the phonics progression!

English Language Learners 

Learn how to support your English Language Learner!

5 Big Ideas of Reading

Learn about the 5 Big Ideas in Reading!

Title 1 

Learn about reading strategies to help your child!

Behavior Point System

Learn how to check your child's grades, see their report and check out the new MTSS module where you can see your child's behavior points!


Help your child with letter sounds and starting to learn tricky words!

1st Grade 

Learn how to help your child with their sight words also known as tricky words!

2nd Grade

Help your child learn to read! 2nd grade uses phonological awareness to manipulate sounds, using chunking when your child gets stuck on a word and picking out a main idea and key details from a small passage!

3rd Grade

Learn about the transition to reading to learn and the importance of reading comprehension!

4th Grade- English & Language Arts

Learn how to help your child find textual evidence in a reading passage and using sentence starters when writing in complete sentences!

4th Grade-Math

Help your child with the dreaded math word problem!

5th Grade

Learn how to streamline your evenings!

6th Grade

Learn how to help your child transition from 1 teacher to 3!

7th & 8th Grade

Learn about the expectations of 7th & 8th grade!

7th & 8th Grade

Learn how to keep your kid organized electronically!