Desert Heights community is unlike any other program in Arizona. We are focused on our families and value the educational, emotional, mental, and physical aspects for each student and parent. Desert Heights was created for the family that appreciates a "The Village" mentality and a safe home. Many of our students are involved in clubs, athletics, and performing arts and we want to make sure they have the support in every area to flourish. We are a smaller K-12 program and looking to stay that way. We will continue to provide quality instruction, allow every student to flourish in their passions, and continue to have a second home for every family. 


  • Preschool
  • Charter School Campus: K-4th grade
  • Preparatory Academy Campus: 5th-12th grade


  • 50+ full-time teachers
  • 3 full-time Special Education Teachers
  • 3 full-time Paraprofessionals
  • Average years of experience is 10 years
  • Advisors starting at 7th grade to start preparing and supporting college and career goals

Ratios and Retention

  • 18:1 Student to Staff Ratio
  • Classes capped at 30
  • 35% Coyote Ambassadors (Students that start their educational journey with us in Kindergarten and graduate with us)

Retention Rate

  • Student Retention Rate: 90%
  • Teacher Retention Rate: 85%

Main Areas of Focus

  • We pride ourselves on providing a balanced curriculum for students in all content areas
  • Building Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment courses
  • Including Technology advancements for all students
  • Howl (Helpful/Honest/Organized/Winning Attitude/Leadership)
  • Three Pillars: (Academic Excellence, Integrity of Character, and Social Awareness)
  • Athletics
  • Performing Arts
  • National Honor Societies

Graduation Rate: 100%