Advanced Coursework

Desert Heights offers advanced coursework at every grade level. We start with our gifted program on our Charter campus (K-4) and continue by building honors courses for 5th-10th grade. Honors courses are broken down by grade level to make sure we support our students mentally, physically, and emotionally. Our honors programs lead into Advanced Placement and College Dual Enrollment courses for 11th and 12th grade students. Learn more about our advanced coursework below.

To support students in taking advanced coursework, we provide them with opportunities to earn scholarships or raise money towards courses that have fees to cover specific costs associated with the programs (College Board and Maricopa County Community Colleges).

  • Gifted Program: FREE
  • Honors Courses: FREE
  • Advanced Placement Courses (AP): $100 per class/test
  • Dual Enrollment: $86 per credit hour and most college courses are worth 3-4 credits.