Meet Our Administration

Photo of Mark Jiles

Mark Jiles


I’ve always enjoyed working with young people and I thought that education awarded me the best opportunity to do this in a meaningful way. I liked the idea of being able to affirm the importance of education through example. The opportunity to work with like minded, equally compassionate people was also a factor. I have been very fortunate to accomplish these goals at Desert Heights.

Photo of Katherine Miller

Katherine Miller


I have always wanted to help others, especially kids, and teaching was how I felt I could do that. I taught Junior High History for several years before becoming an administrator. I very much enjoy working with kids of all ages and seeing them grow and develop, Desert Heights has become my family’s second home, and I am truly thankful for this amazing community!

Photo of Liane Kilmain

Liane Kilmain

K-4 Assistant Principal | Special Education Scheduling Support

I became an educator because I have always been drawn to helping kids, even when I was just a kid myself. I truly feel that every child deserves a champion and I come to school each day hoping that each child knows that I see their worth and potential. I’m grateful to be in a position that allows me to build relationships and make connections with our students on a daily basis.

Photo of Darna Davis

Darna Davis

5-8th Grade Assistant Principal

When I was young, the idea of helping others to rise was a core family value. Working in education is the epitome of that belief because it means contributing to the growth and development of people, providing the platform for their success. I had amazing teachers who uplifted and empowered me. Ultimately, I am an educator so I can pay forward all of the great experiences I had…and continually help others to rise.

Photo of Ciara Bentley

Ciara Bentley

Preschool Principal | Security Team Coordinator

My name is Ciara Bentley and I am the principal for Desert Heights Preschool. I have always had a passion for working with children. Being able to make a difference in a child’s life is a gift to any educator . I am a big believer of positive discipline and building relationships with every child.

Photo of Carrie Viar

Carrie Viar

Preschool Assistant Principal

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart. As the Assistant Principal at Desert Heights Preschool, I can attest that this statement is true. This community is my home away from home and all the children I have taught and nurtured at Desert Heights have filled my heart. I am fortunate to work with passionate educators that are dedicated to the success of every child in our community.

Photo of Beth Krogmeier

Beth Krogmeier

Student Life Assistant Principal