Meet Our Administration

Mark Jiles


I’ve always enjoyed working with young people and I thought that education awarded me the best opportunity to do this in a meaningful way. I liked the idea of being able to affirm the importance of education through example. The opportunity to work with like minded, equally compassionate people was also a factor. I have been very fortunate to accomplish these goals at Desert Heights.

Katherine Miller


I have always wanted to help others, especially kids, and teaching was how I felt I could do that. I taught Junior High History for several years before becoming an administrator. I very much enjoy working with kids of all ages and seeing them grow and develop, Desert Heights has become my family’s second home, and I am truly thankful for this amazing community!

Courtney Martin

High School Dean | Advisory Program Administrator | Athletic Director

I have always known that I wanted to impact youth and I remember all of the people that impacted me were either family, teachers, or coaches, so it made the most sense to find a program where I could be all three. At DHPA I get to be a part of something bigger than myself and I get to see the impact I have. This program is special to me and it is more than a school, it my life!

Darna Davis

5-8th Grade Dean

When I was young, the idea of helping others to rise was a core family value. Working in education is the epitome of that belief because it means contributing to the growth and development of people, providing the platform for their success. I had amazing teachers who uplifted and empowered me. Ultimately, I am an educator so I can pay forward all of the great experiences I had…and continually help others to rise.

Liane Kilmain

K-4 Dean | Dean of Special Education

I became an educator because I have always been drawn to helping kids, even when I was just a kid myself. I truly feel that every child deserves a champion and I come to school each day hoping that each child knows that I see their worth and potential. I’m grateful to be in a position that allows me to build relationships and make connections with our students on a daily basis.

Ciara Loadholt

Director of Support Teams | Preschool Principal

My name is Ciara Loadholt and I am the principal for Desert Heights Preschool. I have always had a passion for working with children. Being able to make a difference in a child’s life is a gift to any educator . I am a big believer of positive discipline and building relationships with every child.