President’s Message

Welcome BackWelcome back for the 2020-2021 school year! As always, the summer months have been used to prepare for the upcoming school year and we are very excited to get started! We welcome all of our new staff, students and families and remain humbled that you have chosen to join our growing family. This year marks two decades of being a staple in the charter school sector and we are very proud to say that Desert Heights is well positioned to be a premiere charter school for another 20 years and beyond!

On May 22, we graduated 27 seniors who collectively raised over $550,000 in academic and athletic scholarships. All of our students have plans to matriculate to a college or university of their choice, have a plan to join the Armed Forces, or intend to join the work force. When one takes a moment to evaluate the primary function of a school, especially a K-12 school, it is very important to assess the degree to which a school truly prepares students for College or Career; sustaining a quality educational experience for all students from Pre- Kindergarten through 12th grade. At Desert Heights Charter Schools, this has been, and will continue to be, our absolute priority.

When Home and School work together, the potential for sustaining a quality educational experience is enhanced dramatically. If Home and School set a high standard of expectation and performance by asking that our students honor our Three Pillars, then the desired outcome of developing students who are Academically Excellent, who Possess Integrity of Character and who are Socially Aware and Responsible becomes attainable, measurable and observable. Simply put, our students become living, breathing manifestations of what we can truly accomplish when we, Home and School, work together.

We look forward to nurturing this relationship with you this upcoming school year. Our partnership is essential to our success as a community. Please familiarize yourself with our Commitment To Excellence Contract. Please make it a priority to encourage your child to participate in all that we have to offer beyond the classroom because data suggests that students who participate in extracurricular activities in their school community perform significantly better academically. Please understand that there is a direct correlation between a student’s academic, social, athletic and emotional development and how they perceive their respective school community. The possibilities are endless when Home and School possess an unwavering spirit of cooperation.

Together, we can accomplish GREAT things. Again, welcome to the Desert Heights Charter School family!

As always, it is a GREAT day to be a COYOTE!

Honored to be your President,

Mark A. Jiles, MA.ED.
President of Desert Heights Charter Schools