Our Mission

Mission Statement

In collaboration with our community and all other stakeholders, Desert Heights Charter Schools will provide a rigorous, standards based academic environment through a balance of intensive, compassionate teaching.  We are dedicated to the development of vibrant, socially-responsible individuals who possess the essential life skills necessary for success.

Vision Statement

The vision of Desert Heights Charter Schools is to promote academic excellence, integrity of character, and social awareness in each individual student.

HOWL Program

Our HOWL Program starts in preschool, promotes positive behavior and character and is implemented campus wide, kindergarten - 4th grade. Students strive to be a “HOWLER” everyday both inside and outside the classroom! Our mascot, Yote the Coyote, stops by occasionally to encourage our students to be the best they can be!

Winning Attitude

Three Pillars & Pledge

As students transition into the Preparatory Academy we have instilled the HOWL program and continue with our Three Pillars (Academic Excellence, Integrity of Character, and Social Awareness) in our every day life. Our Three Pillars are embedded in our classrooms, announcements, graduation requirements, awards, and overall community. The pledge was created by our students and defines the pillars. Our students and staff state our pledge every day for our morning announcements and it is posted in the classrooms and throughout campus to continue building tradition. 

The Pledge

I am responsible for my future. I will be true and honest to myself, so I can be successful. (Academic Excellence)

I will value the word respect and exhibit it daily inside and outside of the classroom. (Integrity of Character)

I will put forth effort in building, maintaining, and honoring the transitions at DHPA. (Social Awareness)

I am a Coyote for life and to the best of my ability will live by the Three Pillars.