Education and Career Action Plan (ECAP)

Throughout the school year we offer a variety of workshops covering topics that are developmentally appropriate, based on age and need. While one grade may be learning about self esteem and conflict management, another could be engaged in resume writing and learning workforce skills. Each workshop is designed to help students think independently and build a life skills toolkit.

5th-8th Grade Workshops

We believe students are never too young to start thinking about college, but we know 5th-8th grade students also need guidance in navigating through social issues that arise.  To support this need, we offer students the following workshops:

  • Middle School (5th-6th Grade): 1 college based and 1 specialty workshop (e.g., cyber bullying, etc.)
  • Jr High (7th-8th Grade):1 college based and 2 specialty workshops (e.g., cyber bullying, girls leadership, etc.)
  • 8th Grade:In addition to the Jr High workshops, 8th grade students will also experience 1 college speaker and 1 college tour

High School Workshops

High School students participate in monthly workshops covering topics like resume building, importance of GPA, interview skills, Naviance, senior projects, scholarships, FAFSA, college applications, letters of recommendations, and so much more. In addition to these items, high school students also participate in the following:

  • 9th Grade – 2 College Speakers
  • 10th Grade – 3 College Speakers
  • 11th/12th  Grade – 4 College Speakers/year

School Activities

School events and activities are scheduled to further support our college readiness initiatives.

  • On Fridays, students are encouraged to participate in College Awareness Day (“CAD”) by wearing a college top and dress code appropriate bottoms.
  • At DHPA, November is Coyote College Campaign Month. With a focus on college awareness, all grade levels participate in pennant competitions, college trivia, classroom door competitions, create college future boards and more. High School students additionally host a college awareness activity for our younger kindergarten through 4th grade Coyotes at Desert Heights Charter School.
  • During our Annual College Fair, we feature a variety of local and out-of-state colleges, along with trade schools and military programs.