STEAM Education

STEAM enhances critical thinking skills and strengthens the foundation to learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. The idea is to focus on sparking imagination and creativity through the arts in ways that naturally align with STEM learning while using hands-on, collaborative experiences to teach children important concepts that will help position them for future success.


Every year science is offered and we continue to grow our programs to make sure that every student is well prepared for Biology, AP Biology, Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Anatomy, Physics, and AP Physics, General Science, and other optional sciences like Forensic Science, and Neuro Science. It all starts at our Charter campus, where students complete experiments, host science field trips, and decorate their hallways with artwork and academics related to science content.


Desert Heights offers technology starting in Kindergarten. Our goal is to build and support students in the foundational skills and introduce them to programming, such as coding. This continues at our Prep campus with introduction in Swift Playgrounds and Scratch. Then students can transition into higher programming courses in High school. 


We continue to create advanced courses that offer students an exciting platform for learning, emphasizing career opportunities in science, technology, engineering and math. Engineers define problems to be solved and design while optimizing solutions. We want our students to have the same opportunities and drive, while still encouraging teamwork, leadership, and problem solving among group and individuals. 


We offer performing and fine arts courses from K-12th grade. We believe that the arts can help create a well-rounded person with high self-esteem, while enjoying their passion and developing skills. We start music concerts in Pre-K and continue developing their appreciation for the arts with art shows, musicals, and concerts through 12th grade. Our students produce some of the best work and shows in Arizona and get to showcase their talents to family and friends each quarter and semester!



We are all aware of the value math has in school and every day life. Our goal is to build the foundational skills and allow students to be creative while using technology standards combined with math goals and instruction. Mathematic skill develops many opportunities for our students and we are proud to be a school that offers a curriculum that supports life skills and technology, in every grade level.