Graduation Requirements

Desert Heights requires 28 credits of high school study for graduation from the high school. This exceeds the minimum state requirement. High school students receive credit for a class upon earning a grade of 70% or higher. In addition, to earn credit for the term, 90% attendance is required in each assigned class (ARS 15-803B) and 90% of the work must be complete. Classes missed due to school approved activities, e.g., field trips, performing groups, student government, etc. are excluded. Administrators are authorized to excuse additional absences for extended illness, injury or extenuating DHPA Student & Parent Handbook [24] Revised 08/22/2022 circumstances upon satisfactory verification. In such cases, to receive credit, students are expected to make up missed work in a timely manner.

In addition to the academic requirements, students are also required to complete grade level requirements that include community service, attendance at college and career fairs, completion of college entrance exams (practice and actual), submission of scholarships or job applications and more.  

Subject Courses Credits
English English I, II, III, IV or equivalent AP/Dual Enrollment coursework 4
Mathematics Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II are required per the AZ Dept of Education. The 4th credit can be acquired by completing another approved DHPA math course or equivalent AP/Dual Enrollment coursework 4
Science General Science, Biology, Physics, Anatomy
Note: 1 credit can be obtained from an elective science course (e.g., Forensics Science)
Social Studies World History I,  American History, Economics (.5), Government (.5) or equivalent AP/Dual Enrollment coursework 4
Fine Arts/Technology/CTE Approved DHPA courses or equivalent AP/Dual Enrollment coursework 3
Foreign Language Credits must be obtained in the same language 2
PE/Health Credit can be earned by taking an approved Physical Education or Dance class 1
Electives Approved DHPA courses or equivalent AP/Dual Enrollment coursework 2
College & Career Readiness Approved DHPA College & Career Readiness course work 4

Note: Students who transfer into high school must at minimum meet University credit requirements to graduate. Administration will determine which courses from other schools attended prior to Desert Heights will receive credit. Additionally, students enrolled in Special Education, or those that qualified under Section 504 at any time during their 4 years of High School, can qualify for graduation using the Arizona State Graduation Requirements outlined above. All other students must qualify using the Desert Heights Graduation Requirements. Advisory will determine student transcript needs based on the state, DH and college requirements.