Desert Heights provides a limited bus route along with intercampus morning and afternoon transportation. Transportation is provided on a first come, first served basis and fees will be assessed monthly based on the following:

• Intercampus transportation (Transportation between DHCS and DHPA campuses) $60.00 both AM and PM or $30.00 one way.
• AM/ PM regular bus route $80.00 per student a month.
• $10.00 per student/per occurrence, for any student needing “drop in” transportation. A parent or guardian must contact the transportation department in writing by 10:00 AM to authorize a same day drop in.

Desert Heights offers a family rate for multiple students needing transportation.  Please contact Jay Jiles for more information.

Transportation fees are due on the first of each month and must be kept current in order for students to continue utilizing the service. A $10.00 late fee will be assessed after the 5th of the month.  Also, prior to utilizing the transportation program, parents must complete the appropriate contract and students are expected to review and agree to all bus policies. Disciplinary action will be taken for any student who chooses not to follow the bus policy and this action includes, but is not limited to, the forfeiture of transportation services.

Our Transportation Director, Jay Jiles, can be contacted to address questions regarding our transportation service.  Use the following link to download and complete the appropriate paperwork. Please return completed forms and payment to the front office for further processing.

Note: We do our best to keep our buses on schedule, however we ask that parents be at their designated bus stop at least 5 minutes early.  Additionally, any student with an outstanding transportation balance from the prior school year are not eligible for transportation services for the current year until the prior balance is paid in full.  Transportation fees must be paid separately from any other school fees. Please make checks payable to Desert Heights Charter Schools. 

Bus Stop Locations

  • Intercampus-Transportation between campuses
  • 91st & Union Hills
  • 87th Avenue & Indian School Road (east of church)
  • 61st Avenue & Montebello
  • 35th & Greenway
  • 59th & Northern
  • 47th & Lindner
  • 43rd & Northern
  • 43rd & Peoria
  • Boys & Girls Club (PM Only)
  • 77th Ave & Union Hills
  • 91st Avenue & Union Hills
  • 83rd Ave & Cactus
  • 67th and Bell
  • 87th Ave & Beardsley
  • 77th Ave & Union Hills (Temporarily Suspended)
  • 91st Avenue & Union Hills (Temporarily Suspended)
  • 83rd Ave & Cactus (Temporarily Suspended)
  • 67th and Bell (Temporarily Suspended)
  • 87th Ave & Beardsley (Temporarily Suspended)
  • 47th & Lindner (Temporarily Suspended)
  • AM intercampus from DHCS to DHPA (Temporarily Suspended)
Photo of Jay Jiles

Jay Jiles

Transportation Director