Special Education

The priority of Desert Heights Charter Schools is to meet the educational needs of our students and provide a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) to all.  If a student is eligible or determined to be eligible for special education services, we offer support services to reduce barriers to learning.

In collaboration with teachers, parents, and specialists we work to develop an educational plan that supports students and allows them to grow within our program. 

 The mission of our special education department is to provide the structure that will allow students to develop the skills needed to become independent thinkers and learners and to be able to carry those skills with them as they venture into the world beyond our doors.

Photo of Elizabeth Gue

Elizabeth Gue

Federal Programs Director

Photo of Liane Kilmain

Liane Kilmain

K-4 Assistant Principal | Special Education Scheduling Support

I became an educator because I have always been drawn to helping kids, even when I was just a kid myself. I truly feel that every child deserves a champion and I come to school each day hoping that each child knows that I see their worth and potential. I’m grateful to be in a position that allows me to build relationships and make connections with our students on a daily basis.

Photo of Kayla Wuollet

Kayla Wuollet

Speech and Language Pathologist

Photo of Cassandra Hamza

Cassandra Hamza

Special Education Teacher | HS Math

Photo of Andrea Satchfield

Andrea Satchfield

Special Education Support Staff

Photo of Adelina Diaz

Adelina Diaz

Special Education Support Staff

Photo of Karla Gamez

Karla Gamez

Special Education Support Staff

Photo of Emily Aparicio

Emily Aparicio

Special Education Support Staff