Desert Heights Move to Phase 3.

Desert Heights Move to Phase 3.

Maricopa County has met all 3 benchmarks required for in-person learning opportunities, as of yesterday's metrics update. So long as this remains the case, Desert Heights will be permitted to move to Phase 3, offering in-person for those who chose it, and virtual for those who chose virtual. This transition to Phase 3 will occur on September 14th. I know many have questions regarding what this looks like and I hope to answer all in depth throughout this correspondence.

Please know that if at any time we have to quarantine certain classrooms, staff members or students, we may have to move back into Phase 1 or 2 so it is extremely important that we all work together to adhere to school policies and safety measures so that we can remain open for in-person learning.

Please use the below links to reference your Prinicpal/Dean's communication. 

Mrs. Miller Kinder-4th grade Phase 3 Update

Mrs. Davis 5th-8th grade Phase 3 Update

Miss. Martin 9th-12th grade Phase 3 Update