Updated: 2020 Summer Camps!

Updated: 2020 Summer Camps!

As many of you are aware, we have had communication in the past 2 weeks with Arizona Board of Education, AIA, AzCAA, and NFHS in order to determine the best return for our coaches and athletes to participate in our regular summer camps. All of these programs have assisted our Athletic Department in the phase process for athletics at Desert Heights this summer. Since we will be starting all summer camps the week of June 15th, we are able to determine the best phase for our coaches and players. Our Department has a plan in place for each coach, athlete, and family. This is very important that each of you follow our expectations and guidelines in order to participate and stay healthy. We ask that everyone please review the links, and sign up AGAIN! We have changed some dates, and times for safety purposes.


  • Step 1: Athletes must be registered using the links below for camps. Any athlete that is not registered using the below links will not be able to participate.
  • Step 2: Athletes must have with them or e-mailed a signed COVID assumption of risk waiver completed the day they start camps.
  • Step 3: Athletes must have their own water bottles with them for practices. Our department will offer small and regular sized case water and asking for any donations to support these athletes.
  • Athletes must be in full practice gear
  • Step 4: Athletes will abide by our sign in process with a trained staff member every day 15 minutes before practice.
  • We will open doors 15 minutes prior and close them 10 minutes after. If you are not here and registered in that time, you will not be able to participate.
  • All payments will need to be online through ParentVue/StudentVue. Cash and check are not acceptable methods of payment. 
  • Step 5: We need everyone to understand if you FEEL SICK or AT RISK YOU NEED TO STAY HOME.

NFHS & AZCAA Sports Guideline Phases: Phase II and Phase III

  • Small group training introduced and controlled practices.
  • Physical contact minimized (no group huddles, group water breaks, and so forth)
  • Groups not exceeding 30 (athletes)
  • No sharing of Water
  • No travel overnight


Desert Heights Athletic Department will have a set protocol for our athletes and coaches. Please read below for all details:

  • Athlete Check in; will be set and we will use West gym door for entrance and North doors/gates for exits.
  • Athletes will not be able to stay on campus and must be dropped off and picked up in the time frames of start and finish of their camp.
  • Athletes will complete the NFHS form daily and parents will be called for pick up if there are any issues.
  • Athletes will hand sanitize after check in.
  • Athletes will place their water bottles in different areas to help spread out and keep social distancing during breaks. 
  • Coaches will disinfect before and after practices all balls or equipment.
  • All practices and workouts are closed to DHPA non-athletes.
  • Locker rooms and water fountains will be closed to support requirements.
  • Water bottles will be provided if needed by athletes.
  • Coaches and Maintenance will complete transitional cleaning required between sports camps.
  • Teams will have set balls and not share team to team.
  • Athletic Department and Maintenance will complete deep cleans each day after all camps.
  • We will communicate with all athletes and families every week on updates and information.


We would like to reiterate our goal is safety and we will always go above and beyond for our families to make sure this is a priority. We know many of you can’t wait to get back in the gym or on the field and DHPA just wants to make sure we all understand we have to be accountable for ourselves and each other. If you are a running a fever, have a severe cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, or in close contact or cared for someone with COVID-19, we respectfully ask that you do not attend these camps. Please register today to help us maintain and keep this community safe! 

Please see our Summer Camps page to sign up for a camp today!