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Winter Season

Sports offered in the winter season are from November-February. Check out basketball, softball, and cheer to see their schedules and coach information. 

Varsity Basketball victoryThis band of brothers is a family of hardworking athletes that have continued to set goals each year. Athletes that decide to commit to the program will see growth in every aspect. This program is run by Coach Kincaid and it is clear that he runs his program just like a collegiate program. our athletes are expected to perform in and out of the classroom. The Varsity team has left a legacy of championships. In 2017, they won another state championship giving them an unprecedented “3-Peat”!

In 8 years this program has won 2 State runner up awards, 7 Northwest region conference titles, 3 coach of the year awards, 2 player of the year awards, and continues to determine tradition. This program is not for the weak!

Percy Kincaid 5-12 Assistant Athletic Director

Lamont Holmes Substitute

Brandon Hartley Substitute

Girls Basketball teamThe Lady Coyotes basketball program is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with! Making the final four the past two years and having their point guard Nationally ranked in the top 10 for assists shows they have some unfinished business in 2020-2021 season. The lady coyotes bring excitement to every game each year. Whoever said the comment "you play like a girl", didn't understand what a compliment that was, because if you play like one of these girls you have to be GREAT!

Looking forward to the season!

Brandon Hartley Substitute

Percy Kincaid 5-12 Assistant Athletic Director

Lamont Holmes Substitute

Stefanie Haldiman Website

 DHPA has a great cheer team and over the years they have received Silver in the AzCAA cheer and dance competition and continue to develop as well rounded athletes. Our team performs at football games, basketball games, league competitions, and school functions. 

These ladies are the heart of the program and we love to see each of their performances, because they bring the spirit!

Junior High Boys Basketball playerDHPA Junior High (5-8) basketball program offers a competitive team that works all season to win a State Title and a fundamental team that works on the true steps of fundamentals. Many times it is a chance to get our fifth and sixth graders the chance to learn and play more games in the season vs older kids. We believe that competition should not be equal and if you want to be the best, you have to play up and against the best as you develop. 

These young men are the future Coyote program and every year they have ended in the top 12 out of 24-36 teams. We will continue climbing and can't wait for next season!

Steven Delcegno Head Coach

Junior High Softball teamDon’t miss an opportunity to come out and watch our softball teams! Junior High made it to the playoffs in 2018 and continue to bring the heat. Our program (5-8) allows these young athletes to learn the foundational skills while developing the understanding od hard work and commitment. Our teams grow and develop into our varsity players over the four years and we can;t wait to see them this spring!

Stephanie Delion Orientation | Physical Education | 8th Grade Advisor

Beth Krogmeier Advisory

The Junior High (5-8 grade) cheer team participates and supports all Junior high programs. They attend flag football home games and basketball homes games for winter and spring. These young coyotes bring light and fun to every activity. The team also performs at school events and starts every assembly off with a spark. These girls are a force and we love their attitude!