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Fall Season

Fall Sports are offered from August-October with the exception of Varsity football play-offs. Check out football, volleyball and cheer to see their schedules and coach information. 


Offering tackle football at the Varsity level, our championship program is undeniable.  With 5 state championship titles, 2 State runner up titles, and 7 Northwest Region winners, this program builds champions by instilling commitment and work ethic in its athletes.

Coach Felix and Coach Kincaid continue to set the standards high. The Varsity football program continues to graduate college athletes that perform academically. In the past 8 years we have had 2 coach of the year awards, 5 player (offensive and defensive player) of the year awards, and have ended their seasons with a 3.4 team GPA average.  

Kendrick Felix Varsity Football Head Coach

Percy Kincaid 5-12 Assistant Athletic Director

Varsity Volleyball teamDHPA Varsity volleyball and Junior Varsity team are competitors. Our “3-peat” championship Varsity program continues to excel. Our overall program has 3 championships, 2 State runner-ups, 7 Northwest region conference champs, 2 Players of the Year, and 1-2 players each year on the All State Team. 

Coach Martin and Coach Kilmain set the bar high and see potential in every player. "We have had many players that were able to play at the collegiate level over the years, and the best part was they also qualified for full rides academically." Coach Martin. We know who we are and what we offer. "If you don't believe, you don't belong". Check us out this season!

Courtney Martin 5-12 Athletic Director

Liane Kilmain K-4 Dean | Dean of Special Education

Junior Varsity Volleyball playersDHPA Junior Varsity program is a perfect pathway to the varsity team.  The team has ended their season the right way. In 2018 the Junior Varsity team went undefeated and in 2019 they were 14-3 for the season. These girls make volleyball so fun and Coach Haldiman is building tradition and family with this program. 

Stefanie Haldiman Website

DHPA has a great cheer team and over the years they have received Silver in the AzCAA cheer and dance competition and continue to develop as well rounded athletes. Our team performs at football games, basketball games, league competitions, and school functions. 

These ladies are the heart of the program and we love to see each of their performances, because they bring the spirit!

DHPA hosts flag football for 5-8 grade students and it is one of the best sports to watch. Our athletes practice hard and it pays on the field. Many times the team is invited to the Varsity Football games as special guests and get to see football at a close level. These athletes are hard-working and continue to grow in the foundational skills while we continue to instill the champion mindset. This mindset is not about wins and losses, it is about never given up and always fighting for the win. 

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Junior High Volleyball playersOur Junior High volleyball program promotes learning the fundamentals for volleyball and is a part of the Coyote Volleyball Family. The girls attend and support Junior Varsity and Varsity volleyball games and cheer on their sisters. In Junior high we focus on rotation and overhand serving. Our philosophy is PROGRAM! 

Coach Krogmeier builds the foundation in these young ladies, so they know what to expect as they grow up in the volleyball family. These young ladies are so fun to watch and we can't wait to see them this season!

Beth Krogmeier Advisory

The Junior High (5-8 grade) cheer team participates and supports all Junior high programs. They attend flag football home games and basketball homes games for winter and spring. These young coyotes bring light and fun to every activity. The team also performs at school events and starts every assembly off with a spark. These girls are a force and we love their attitude!