Developing and maintaining effective tutorials is challenging work. At Desert Heights we will teach the students a variety of skills and constantly model expectations. Tutorials is a process that allows students to write good questions, use inquiries to drive the question, use note taking skills to support the learning, and for summarizing what was learned in that tutorial. 

In our advisory classes, 7th-12th grade, we host structured tutorials once a week that allow students to study, prepare, and support peers while preparing for a test, assignment, or when needing support. Students come to class with 2 higher level questions in any content and are placed in a small collaborative group based off content, question, or support need. One student at a time will review their question and all students will guide by asking questions to support the learning. No answer is giving in the process, the student presenter will work towards the answer with the group. While this is taking place, students who are questioning the presenter will write notes and guides to support them in learning in classes they are in. These notes can now be a WHAT per of their data journals and study guide for tests.