Data Journals

Data journals start in 5th grade at the preparatory academy and it is a tool that allow students to understand their own data. Students have a chance to review their test scores and determine what is the best way to learn and retain. Students will review artifacts from homework, projects, and class reviews to assess what is supporting them academically. The best part of allowing students ownership to their own learning is that students will lead and run their parent teacher conferences.  

  • 5th and 6th grade: Students will work on their data journal every quarter and review artifacts, road maps for college and career, study skills, and assessment scores. Students will then show and discuss their journal and growth at parent teacher conferences. We review data journals at parent teacher conferences.
  • 7th and 8th grade: Students will work weekly in their advisory class with a grade level advisor on all categories. Students will dive into connecting their style of learning and supporting these needs in all content classes. Each student will have a OneNote folder that they keep and each year they will add to it, until they Graduate at DHPA. Starting these journals allows students to prepare for college placement tests, scholarship opportunities, and many life skills. 
  • High School: Students will continue their journals each year in OneNote while building on their assessment skills, road maps, artifacts, and so much more. Allowing students to own their own learning and to allow them to make life connections guides our students to own their efforts. Each student will complete conferences with teachers and parents and present their data each semester all 4 years.